Thank you for visiting Healthy Parrot Shop. We want to reassure each and every one of our customers that they will be completely satisfied with their purchases from our farm because we always treat our customers like kings and queens.

All of our payment terms and policies, which we are working on for all of our payment methods, will be available to any serious and interested client once they read and sign up.

1) Our farm does not provide videos of our birds or eggs to all first-time customers because, over the past few months, we have been under a lot of stress from customers who are not serious about buying. These customers will take our videos and pictures and post them on websites and You-tube, and when our serious customers see our videos, they will perceive us as a farm that is deceiving people.

2) Prior to registering a client order with the shipping company, our management must verify payment before shipping any client orders.

3) For our farm’s payment methods, we have four options that have been approved by our farm shareholders for this farm to work with. We will explain each of these options below so that any serious client can read and comprehend them.

4) Due to the fact that we do not provide our farm account to new or existing customers, and due to the fact that so many businesses in today’s world have been disrupted by online hackers, bank transfers can only be made through our farm account representative, and amounts less than £1500 may be deposited into this account.

5) Western Union local or international transfer: Western Union is one of the quickest ways to send money around the world. Our farm has online accountants who are tasked with receiving all Western Union payments, whether they are made locally or internationally.

6) Money Gram international money transfer order: Money Gram is similar to Western Union in that it can send money locally and internationally and does so quickly. Additionally, our farm has designated Money Gram online accountants to receive Money Gram payments.

7) Bitcoin is a different method of payment for those who are familiar with it. You can buy bitcoins online and send them to our bitcoin payment link, which is quick and easy.

8) If you are a serious customer, after you place your order, you will need to select a method of payment and request the details of that method. Our management will provide you with the information.

9) If you’re a serious customer, after you place your order, you’ll need to select a method of payment and request the details of that method. Our management will give you the information.

10) One hour prior to the scheduled shipping time, the animal shipping company will issue a tracking number, which the client will use to monitor the shipment until it reaches your home address.

11) If a customer intends to buy from our farm, he or she should read and adhere to all policies and terms. We always satisfy all of our serious customers. We appreciate your comprehension of Healthy Parrot Shop management

Healthy Parrot Shop appreciates your understanding.



One of the great things about shopping on Happy Parrot Shop is that we offer you a diverse selection of payment options!