Bronze-winged Parrot


Bronze wing pionus for sale is a medium size stocky parrot with a wonderful personality. Their overall appearance is a dark violet-blue with a white chin, pink tips to the feathers on the throat, and a bronze dusting to the wings. There are many subtle blending of colors overall. The head, neck, upper back, wings, and upper tail have bronze to bronze-green feathers tipped with blues to purple-blues, while the feathers on the underparts are dark green tipped with violet-blues. The lower back, rump, and tail are a deep blue with the under tail having the bright red feathers distinguishable to all the pionus. The under wings are a blue to bluish-green and the legs are brown. Their beak is yellowish, the eye brown, and their eye ring is a variable greenish.


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Parrot age : 1 Year.

Parrot healthy status : Confirmed

Parrot vaccination : Confirmed

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Bronze-winged Parrot

Bronze-winged Parrots

Parrot age : 1 Years




DOMAIN: Eukaryota


GENUS: Pionus chalcopterus

Scientific name:Pionus chalcopterus

Introduction To The Bronze-Winged Parrot

Bronze-winged Parrot (Pionus chalcopterus) is a stunning bird species known for its vibrant plumage and charming personality. Native to the tropical rainforests of South America, particularly in Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia, these medium-sized parrots have gained popularity among bird enthusiasts worldwide. With an average length of 10-12 inches and a wingspan of approximately 20 inches, Bronze-winged Parrots exhibit a unique combination of colors.

Their body feathers showcase a mesmerizing blend of rich bronze-green hues on the upperparts, contrasting with bright red underparts and blue wing coverts. Known for their playful and affectionate nature, these social birds make delightful companions when properly cared for.

Physical Characteristics Of The Bronze-Winged Parrot

The Bronze-winged Parrot (Pionus  chalcopterus) is a medium-sized parrot species known for its striking physical characteristics. With an average length of 28-30 centimeters, it possesses a robust build and a short square tail. The most distinctive feature of this parrot is its beautiful plumage. The body feathers are predominantly green, while the head and neck exhibit a mesmerizing metallic sheen ranging from bronze to purple-blue hues.

The wings are dark blue with prominent bronze-colored patches, giving the bird its name. Its beak is strong and curved, designed for cracking seeds and nuts. Additionally, it has bright orange eyes encircled by bare white eye-rings.

Habitat And Distribution Of The Bronze-Winged Parrot

The Bronze-winged Parrot (Pionus chalcopterus) is a captivating bird species found in South America. Its habitat primarily consists of the tropical rainforests and wooded areas of countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. These parrots prefer dense forest canopies that provide ample cover and a diverse range of food sources. They are also known to inhabit secondary forests and plantations.

The Bronze-winged Parrot has a relatively large distribution range across these countries, as they can adapt to different altitudes ranging from sea level up to 1,500 meters. Although they are not considered migratory birds, their distribution may vary seasonally due to changes in food availability or breeding requirements within their preferred habitats.

Behavior And Diet Of The Bronze-Winged Parrot

The Bronze-winged Parrot is known for its sociable nature, often gathering in flocks of up to 30 individuals. These birds are highly intelligent and exhibit playful behavior, engaging in aerial acrobatics and intricate vocalizations. They are predominantly arboreal, spending most of their time in trees and rarely descending to the ground. In terms of diet, Bronze-winged Parrots primarily feed on a variety of fruits, seeds, nuts, and berries found in their natural habitat.

They possess strong beaks designed for cracking open tough shells to access their food sources. Additionally, they may occasionally consume flowers, nectar, and small insects as supplementary nourishment.

Conservation Status And Threats To The Bronze-Winged Parrot

The Bronze-winged Parrot (Pionus chalcopterus) is currently listed as a species of “Least Concern” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This classification implies that the population size and range of this parrot species are relatively stable. However, despite this status, several threats persist that could potentially impact its long-term survival. Habitat loss due to deforestation remains a significant concern for these parrots, particularly in their native regions of South America, including Brazil and Argentina.

Additionally, illegal capture for the pet trade poses another threat to their population.


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