Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrots


The only Amazons we raise here are the Double Yellow Headed Amazons.  They are mostly green with a beautiful yellow head, red-tipped shoulders, navy blue, red and green wings, and a vivid tale that has yellow and several greens.  The yellow head will continue to spread out more after each molt until it is down to the bird’s shoulders and neck area.

These parrot will be transported safely to any location and right to client door-steps.

Parrot age : 6 Months.

Parrot healthy status : Confirmed

Parrot vaccination : Confirmed

Our shipping is 100% guaranteed to any location in the world.

We assure all our clients nothing but the best service they can ever ask from any birds farm.

All clients should feel free to buy from our farm, Because we are one of the best farm in the world.

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Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrots For Sale

Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrots are great and intelligent  parrots thats why We are excited to share that we have a handful of gorgeous double yellow-head amazon parrots for sale!

These birds are social and interactive, ideal for those looking to keep a companion animal.

They can live up to 30 years with proper care, making them an ideal long-term pet.

We provide detailed instruction on how to best care for your parrot: including diet, housing, exercise, and interaction with people.

Our babies (Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrot) come with a health guarantee and will be shipped through the mail so they arrive safe and sound.

Contact us today  at if you’re interested in one of these amazing feathered friends!

Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrots Near Me

If you are searching for a Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrots near you, it is important to consider a few factors.

First, it is crucial to ensure that owning a Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrot is legal in your area and that you have the necessary permits and licenses.

Once you have confirmed this, you can start looking for reputable breeders or pet stores that specialize in parrots.

It is advisable to visit the facility in person to assess the conditions and ensure the parrots are well-cared for.

Additionally, consider the specific needs and requirements of a Double Yellow-Head-Amazon-Parrot, such as proper diet, socialization, and mental stimulation.

Taking the time to thoroughly research and find a reputable source will greatly increase the chances of finding a healthy and well-adjusted parrot.

Where To Order Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrots

To order a Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrots, it is important to research reputable breeders or avian specialty stores that specialize in selling exotic birds.

Online platforms such as bird-specific websites such as healthyparrotshop,com or classified ads can also be a good resource to find sellers.

It is crucial to ensure that the seller is licensed and follows proper breeding and selling practices to ensure the health and well-being of the parrot.

Additionally, it is advisable to visit the breeder or store in person to observe the conditions in which the parrots are kept and to interact with them before making a purchase.

This will help ensure that the parrot is healthy, well-socialized, and from a reliable source.

How Long Do Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrots Live

The Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrots, also known as the Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrots, has a relatively long lifespan compared to other parrot species.

On average, these parrots can live for 50 to 60 years in captivity. However, with proper care, a healthy Yellow-Head-Amazon-Parrot can even live up to 80 years or more.

Their longevity is attributed to their high intelligence, adaptability, and the strong bond they form with their owners.

Providing them with a balanced diet, regular veterinary check-ups, mental stimulation, and a safe environment are crucial factors in ensuring their longevity.

Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrots
Double Yellow-Head Amazon Parrots
Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrots
Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrots


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