OMG!! i will always be grateful to Healthy Parrot Shop for making my son happy and feeling complete with this lovely White Scarlet Macaw. I will definitely recommend anyone to buy their birds from Healthy Parrot Shop I appreciate everything and in few years this farm will be the biggest worldwide.
Fattima A doulia.
Saudi Arabia
I just received my Amazon parrot named last 2 days from Happy Parrot Shop, and the parrot is very lovely! And the is really smart. Although I’m usually a difficult person to please. But the parrot is just the best.
Helgi Hallbera
What other way can we convince you of our capability to delivery your parrots in time with health and safety guarantee than share with you the experiences of families that have adopted in the past .Below, you shall find the following;
*Experiences of other families that have adopted from us in the past
Cyntia William
Waschington D.C
When ever i think about Healthy Parrot Shop I thank God for connecting me to this wonderful farm, They made me happy after a long time, I will always buy my parrots from this farm.
Pierre Jean
Paris, France
I got a Buffon Macaw Parrot from Happy Parrot Shop and the parrot has been a joy. Even though the parrot do not have much time to spend with us due to our jobs. The parrot is well socialized and enjoys meeting new people and has absolutely no socialization problems. I definitely recommend Healthy Parrot Shop as the best breeding farm ever and I plan to buy parrots from Them in the future as their ability to raise healthy and happy talking parrots.
Roul Billy
Marchetter, England
I visited this farm 8 months back . They are wonderful breeders who take excellent care of their parrots. Sweet, healthy, well-raised parrots. Their parrots are hand feed and hand tamed parrots.
Victoria Agacta
This is to let everyone out there to know that i have a positive story about Happy Parrot Shop for making me and my family happy regarding our young male and female Scarlet Macaw Parrots, I will always tell everyone about this feelings and happiness.
Belin, Germany
I am happy to let everyone know about this great experience. I arrived & saw great birds & then put a deposit on an Falcon bird that was adorable. And the bird was 1 year old, I got the most gentle and intelligent bird.
After so many disappointments from different farms and private breeders that collected my money and did not deliver any parrot to me. A friend in the United Kingdom directed me to this great farm, As i placed my order on their website for one Congo African Grey Parrot and they replied me with a confirmation email and payment, And i made the payment and send my transfer slip, They registered my parrot for shipping and gave my shipping tracking number, I received my lovely parrot at my house address 2 days after, I am very happy, May God Bless Healthy Parrot Shop.
Sophia V.
This lovely farm with the largest collection of birds that i have ever seen, clean farm, highly educated staff, and friendly environment. I really appreciate this farm for making me happy with my dream parrot.
Olivia Willliam
Toroto, Canada
I just received my Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot yesterday. The parrot is very beautiful and sweet. The parrot is hand tamed, intelligent and talking parrot, I will always be grateful to Worldwide Exotic Parrots Farm for making my dream come through after a long time praying for have such a lovely parrot.
Blandine White
New york
Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying having Axel with us!! Our vet was most complimentary about her physical condition and temperament, and specifically asked where she was bred. He said she was the healthiest parrot he had seen in a while! And of course she is absolutely beautiful. We were very surprised to find how companionable she is for such a young parrot – she loves to be near you, sleep at your feet (or on them!) And gives lots of parrot kisses. Thanks so much for everything
Beverly K. Garcia
Waycross, USA
Thank you so much for your wonderful help & advice throughout the whole process of picking our little hyacinth Macaw. He completes our home . We can’t wait to watch him grow & be a part of our lives. You’ve done a wonderful job in his early life & we thank you for that. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to purchase a Macaw. Thank you so much.
Randall A. Eshelman
Criders Corners, USA
Healthy Parrot Shop is the only reliable place to find a new feathered friend! I recently bought an African Grey Parrot from them and she is a precious little gift in my son’s life. Flora is a healthy and vibrant, hilarious clown and I am grateful to have found people who understand birds. I would recommend their birds to anyone interested in parrots as pets; I feel even more confident knowing I can contact them at any time if I have questions. My son is now so happy since I got it for his birthday.
Amy J. Wallis
Bernardsville, USA
I just got my Blue and gold named Max last 2 weeks from Healthy Parrot Shop, and he is very lovely! And he is really smart. Although I’m usually a hard woman to please, definitely upi are your team was excellent.
Bruno H. Guizar
Irvine, USA
Healthy Parrot Shop is a fantastic farm with great breeders, knowledgeable about birds, good at explaining. Things. Very good farm. They are very honest breeders. If I ever want to buy another bird or birds I will go back to this farm. I highly recommend HEALTHY PARROT SHOP.COM